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In 2003, January, we established “Japan Validation Study Group” with the purposes below.

* To educate and disseminate the information of “Validation”, which is one of the methods to have empathy for the disoriented elderly and accept what they are feeling.

*To improve the quality of care for the disoriented elderly.

And, three years of our activity were acknowledged, and we’re approved by Validation Training Institute, Inc to change our name into “Authorized Validation Organization Japan” since 2006, April 1st. We’re the only Authorized Organization in Japan.

Representative: Jinri Shinozaki

Authorized Validation Organization Japan
Secretariat:NPO All Japan Community Life support Center (CLC)
5-3-18-207 Kawadaira, Aoba-ku,
Sendai, Miyagi
981-0954, Japan
TEL:022(719)9240  FAX:022(719)9251

★We will be moved to the below address as of December 28,2009
1floor Shinei Kimachi biru,
16-30 Kimachi, Aoba-Ku,
Sendai, Miyagi,
981-0932, Japan
TEL :022(727)8733  FAX: 022(727)8737
e-mail address: unchanged.